A letter to our Seniors

Aging with Grace

This message boldly declares that OLDER CAN BE BETTER!

Defies reason you say? Well, let's take a look at some of the facts. An extended life span, greater affluence and an abundance of leisure time have set the stage for a utopian lifestyle.

Thanks primarily to the medical profession our life expectancy has almost doubled in the last century! Think of it, more time to do the things we enjoy (longer vacations, more time with our children and grandchildren etc.).

Yes, Many of you will or have been granted 30+ years of extra life, but not 30+ years of extra youth! For instance, how many of you would look forward to this extra time if you were confined to a bed or relegated to a rest home. The answer is obvious yet the sedentary lifestyle of MILLIONS of people lends itself too becoming: OLD BEFORE YOUR TIME!

Now is the time to join Jo & Gordon in their peerless journey to becoming HEALTHY CENTENARIANS.

Please, Stay on the Move


Jo (age 74) and Gordon (age 77) at: mrfitness101.tripod.com

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