This series of Articles reflect several decades in the use of Gordon's weight training program while working with men and women alike.

Are You Getting Old Before Your Time?
A brief quiz to establish your ‘Physical Age'?

Act Healthy, Look Healthy, Be Healthy
A personal message to parents on how Gordon and his wife coped when their 7 children left the nest

Target Your Heart
How to accurately monitor your heart rate.

The Voyage Begins
Describes Gordon's orientation session

Be Kind to Yourself
Briefly explains Gordon's ‘Warm up Process'

Stretch and Stay Healthy
Briefly describes Gordon's stretching experience

A Typical Beginner's Workout
A weekly workout schedule used by Gordon with novice trainees.

Beginner's Do's and Don't's
Practice these instructions and you will minimize the possibility of injury while increasing muscularity & flexibility

Why Pay More?
Describes the minimal cost to buy the equipment necessary for your own Home Gym.

Be aware that Gordon Borges will be held harmless from any liability for injury coming from the use of the content within these articles

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